Cutsforth™ status during the COVID-19 outbreak



At Cutsforth™ Inc., our stated mission has been to “…improve the world we touch through innovation and care”. These recent world events have required we all focus on care with even greater vigilance. 

We realize you have likely been receiving several notices from vendors, partners & suppliers all stating their desire to be mindful, vigilant & proactive during the recent COVID-19 outbreak around the world. The same is true for our team at Cutsforth™. 

The sudden demands to think outside the box, to operate remotely and virtually are not new endeavors for us. True to our innovative mindset, our engineering, product development, operations, and administrative teams have been operating virtually and remotely for nearly a decade, long before it was thought necessary or practical.

We wanted to assure you that Cutsforth™ is defined as an “essential business” due to our support of power generation plants throughout our country & other parts of the world.

While several states, including Washington State, where our headquarters is located have strict travel guidelines in place, in large part it is business as usual for our team and we are here to serve you. We intend to keep all scheduled projects on-track and remain responsive and efficient to emergency field service needs as they may arise.

You can be confident that we are doing the following to ensure a safe environment for our employees and customers:

  • Our Safety Team leaders are meeting with their respective teams to remind them of safe health practices required during these times
  • While a majority of Cutsforth™ staff are already home or remote based employees, for those that aren’t, we are empowering those that can be for the foreseeable future
  • Limiting travel to essential field operations & engineering support staff only
  • Preparing for and accommodating delays and changes to the schedule due to travel requirements or plant needs
  • Requiring all sick staff members to remain home

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Support Team here.

We are praying for a speedy recovery of all those impacted by COVID-19 as well as a quick and safe return to our normal day-to-day lives.


Cutsforth™ Leadership Team