Press Release | March 16, 2022

Cutsforth, Inc, a leading provider of online monitoring systems and hardware, announced the acquisition of NI’s InsightCM™ online asset monitoring software. Developed by NI, InsightCM™ provides maintenance professionals with application software to support reliability assessment, online analysis tools, a wide range of sensor inputs, and connectivity to existing enterprise software.

What is InsightCM™?

Cutsforth provides an array of online monitoring solutions for the power and industrial markets. Cutsforth innovative solutions afford power producers and the process industry early insight into the asset health of its key capital equipment.

Rob Cutsforth, CEO of Cutsforth, Inc. stated: “The combination of Cutsforth, Inc, and InsightCM™ provides the springboard for rapid growth and innovation in the reliability space. Moreover, we believe InsightCM™ as a platform will propel the growth of our predictive maintenance solutions and assist our customers in their digital transformation strategies.

NI is excited about the opportunities this will generate for users of InsightCM™,” said Josh Mueller, Senior Vice President, and GM, Portfolio Business at NI. “We look forward to supporting Cutsforth, Inc with NI’s measurement hardware and software platform to enable advancements in predictive maintenance.

Cutsforth specializes in the development of innovative technologies and services that support the power generation and process industries. Cutsforth has developed technologies that detect a wide variety of electrical and mechanical faults in generators, motors, transformers, and other mission-critical assets. Cutsforth has installed its products on more than 1,000 generators worldwide.

For questions regarding this acquisition or new/existing InsightCM™ licensing, please email