EASYchange® Brush Condition Monitoring

Never before possible Brush health analytics can now be delivered to the control room system and maintenance can be performed based on brush condition, rather than a calendar.

Cutsforth™, continuously on the cutting edge of brush holder technology, now offers an even better way to reduce costs, improve maintenance, and increase safety with Brush Condition Monitoring:


Increases Safety

  • Safe, easy, and predictable brush changes
  • Reduces time a technician interacts with collector rings, reducing potential injuries

Reduces Cost of Maintenance

  • Decreases need for truing and repairs from potential ring fires
  • Reduces manpower costs

Boosts Reliability

  • Fewer surprise forced shutdowns due to collector ring maintenance



Quick and Easy Cleaning

Greater Manpower Efficiency

  • Shorter and less frequent inspections needed

Improves Maintenance

  • Brush health analytics lead to more informed decisions and a more reliable maintenance schedule
  • Plants define alert thresholds
  • Brush Health Sensor (BHS) delivers analytics to control room and local displays

Lengthens Time Between Maintenance

  • Maintenance can now be performed based on brush condition rather than a calendar