Electro-Magnetic Interference Monitoring

The EMI Monitoring system offers visualization of the spectrum bands and total power bands, optionally through InsightCM.

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Discover how EMI Monitoring can catapult your monitoring strategy into the future.

Click the image to learn about real world stories from plants who use EMI Monitoring.

We will demonstrate the automated technique to detect failure modes within generators, motors, and transformers.


Explore time domain waveforms, evaluate power spectrums, and detect patterns associated with defects.

Hear directly from the plant to explore their perspective in this abridged version as one of our experts discusses the case study with Competitive Power Ventures.

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A Conversation about Electro – Magnetic Interference Monitoring: Subject Matter Experts share their research and insights on how EMI Monitoring detects patterns to determine which waveforms correspond to different failure modes.

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Introduction to Electro – Magnetic Interference Monitoring: Overview on how EMI Monitoring can detect signals associated with a variety of defects.

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