Generator Field Monitoring

Cutsforth™ Premium Shaft Ground Monitoring and Rotor Flux Monitoring systems combine to make one powerful Generator Field Monitoring program.

Generator field monitoring

Cutsforth™ has combined Premium Shaft Ground Monitoring and Rotor Flux Monitoring systems into one powerful Generator Field Monitoring system. By combining the functionality into a single platform, customers can achieve the benefits of both systems in one program integrated into InsightCM™ for better trend data and easier system management:

  • Allows for Condition Based Maintenance
    • Can extend time between maintenance events
    • Fewer forced outages
  • Reduces operating costs
    • Eliminates annual outsource expenses
  • Predicts conditions that can lead to failures
  • Plants own and control their own data
  • The system passes all data to the InsightCM™ data platform

Premium Shaft Ground Monitoring:

Cutsforth™ Premium Monitoring measures shaft voltage and current, while offering waveform capture and multi – feature alarm conditions. The system utilizes Cutsforth™ patented braided copper ropes for best in class grounding and data collection to detect:


  • Poor Shaft Contact
  • Bearing Failure
  • Stator Insulation Failure
  • Exciter Insulation Failure
  • Ground Neutral Failure

Example of Premium Waveform within InsightCM™ 

Rotor flux monitoring

Variances in the magnetic flux within a generator indicate deterioration of winding insulation. Imbalances within the rotor can damage insulation, degrading the generator’s output capacity and increasing vibrations. This further damages the insulation, leading to a forced outage. The system allows plants to detect variants early, and trend them over time:



  • High – speed samples identify shorted turns
  • Creates a generator health trend, and archives data:
    • Identifies worsening shorts through real-time and historical measurements
    • Provides early indication conditions leading to rotor ground faults
  • Easy to install and does not require an outage

Example of Rotor Flux Waveform within InsightCM™