Shaft Ground Monitoring: Remote Meter Point System

This entry level shaft voltage and current monitoring solution provides a safe and simple way to measure key readings.

shaft ground monitoring: remote meter point

Cutsforth™ Shaft Grounding Assembly installs with the Remote Meter Point System

The Cutsforth™ entry-level shaft ground monitoring solution provides convenient remote meter test points to meet OEM preventative maintenance requirements

Plant personnel can manually measure:

  • Shaft voltage readings
  • Shaft current readings
  • Rope health to determine if a replacement is necessary

This solution is installed with Cutsforth™ Shaft Grounding assembly. Cutsforth™ Field Service team can provide installation services during your next outage. Most installations take 1-2 days. Cutsforth™ can also provide installation documentation and online customer support for those sites that wish to install the system on their own.

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The shaft grounding systems are working very well right now. Thanks for the smooth installation and the support. Cutsforth™ is excellent and you have a very good reputation here.

———   J.W., Senior Engineer, SE Power Plant