Shaft Grounding Hardware

Optimizes rope contact with the shaft through a patented design that leads the industry.

shaft grounding assembly


Cutsforth™ offers multiple Shaft Grounding Systems to fit nearly all, high-speed turbine generators in the market. 

The latest generation of Cutsforth™ Shaft Grounding hardware is an example of experience and creativity working together to solve the most common shaft voltage problems. The System optimizes rope contact with the shaft through a patented industry-leading design.

This next generation of Shaft Grounding Assemblies (“SGA”) allows more customers to enjoy the innovative benefits of our Shaft Grounding systems. Like previous generations, the new Shaft Grounding System operates in very challenging environments, but the latest improvements allow for installation on smaller diameter shafts and in more narrow spaces.

Cutsforth™ Shaft Grounding Assemblies can fit on shafts as small as 5 inches in diameter and into an exposed shaft running width as narrow as 1 3/8”** 2

Plant personnel have long appreciated the innovative approach Cutsforth™ brings to solving common problems associated with generators, and our Shaft Grounding system continues this tradition of bringing innovative solutions to meet the needs of the power industry.

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The shaft grounding systems are working very well right now. Thanks for the smooth installation and the support. Cutsforth™ is excellent and you have a very good reputation here.

———   J.W., Senior Engineer, SE Power Plant