Shaft Ground Monitoring: Premium System

Cutsforth™ Premium Shaft Current and Voltage Monitoring system provides superior levels of analysis to mitigate severe cost due to bearing and other damage caused by improperly grounded units.

—— Key Features
  • Continuously measures Shaft Voltage and Current for early detection of failures such as:
    • Poor Shaft Contact
    • Bearing Failure
    • Stator Insulation Failure
    • Exciter Insulation Failure
    • Ground Neutral Failure
  • Touch Screen Monitor for real time information display
  • Lengthens time between maintenance outages
  • USB port enables data download for analysis or the installation of upgrades and revisions
  • Delivers waveform level data of critical shaft grounding elements
  • Rope Alarm indicates when ground and metering ropes require replacement
  • Remote Meter Points enable technicians to safely take independent hand held or oscilloscope meter readings
  • Multi Channel 4/20 mA outputs allows communication to plant DCS systems
  • The system is fully managed and data is archived using NI InsightCM™ platform