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Webinar: InsightCM™ 101

Discover InsightCM, an online asset-monitoring software for subject matter experts and maintenance professionals

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Combined Cycle Journal

Collector brush system upgrade slashes maintenance requirements

Learn how CPV Woodbridge won a Combined Cycle Best Practices Award by upgrading to Cutsforth™ EASYchange Holders and Brush Condition Monitoring

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Condition Based Monitoring: Common Questions Answered

“If [plants] don’t have generator monitoring systems installed today, [they] will in five years, and will for sure in ten years.”

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Webinar: Generator Field Monitoring

Generator Field Monitoring combines Premium Shaft Ground Monitoring (SGM) and Rotor Flux Monitoring (RFM) systems into one powerful controller. Plant personnel can achieve the benefits of both systems for better trend analysis and easier system management.

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EASYchange Brush Holder

Webinar: Brush Failures and How to Solve Them

Discover how to alleviate failures, and how to monitor brush length and vibration to detect and stop issues before they occur.

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Case Study

Webinar: A Case Study on EMI Monitoring

Electro - Magnetic Interference (EMI) Monitoring is a non - intrusive, on - line surveillance technique to detect and identify electrical defects in motors, generators, IsoPhase Bus, Transformers, and other electrical systems

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