Not sure if you have a problem with your brush excitation system? Not sure what to look for?

Have one of our experienced team members come on-site and do a full inspection of your brush rigging while the unit is running.

All online inspections include:

  • Vibration Analysis

    • Determines the health of the collector ring/commutator and how ‘out of round’ the collector ring is in Mils Displacement, Peak-to-Peak
  • Visual StrobeoScope Inspection

    • We will look for visual evidence of collector ring damage that often traces back to brush holder problems or environmental problems.
  • Brush amperage

    • This allows us to get an idea if any brushes are making poor contact with the ring or if selective action is occurring.
  • Brush & Holder Evaluation

    • We will look for evidence of carbon deposits, brush binding, spring problems or other common issues that OEM Brush Holders can present.
  • Photos & Job Report

    • All inspections are followed up with a detailed job report and photo evidence of our findings as well as next-step recommendations.


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