Shaft Grounding Hardware

Optimizes rope contact with the shaft through a patented design that leads the industry.


Engineered universal fit rope with durable and flexible Teflon Rope Guide

  • Fits shafts from 5″ – 31″ in diameter
  • Helps to protect against contaminates

Unbroken Ground Connection, at all times

  • Dual Rope design allows for superior continuous ground and isolated shaft voltage measurement
  • When the ground rope is changed, the system automatically provides ground though the voltage sensing rope to ensure continuous ground** 1
  • Grounding cable to turbine case ensures an unbroken ground connection at all times

Patent pending rope design

  • Tool-less rope changes**
  • Provides best in class shaft contact for grounding
  • Extended wear design reduces cost of consumables

Single universal attachment arm

  • Simplifies installation and allows installation in a wide array of locations
  • Can be installed with as little as 1.375″ (3.5 cm) of exposed running shaft ** 2
  • Easy removal when disassembly is required
  • Engineered to withstand high heat environments of up to 300°F/150°C
** = Applies only to Cutsforth™ Next Generation Shaft Grounding SYSTEM
1 = 1st Gen. System provides the same result with a manual switch
2 = 1st Gen System can be installed with 3.5″ of exposed running shaft